Memory & Communication Architectures

Traditionally, memory architecture is developed in one process, while the communication architecture is developed separately. This division has led to the release of flawed designs, which ultimately add considerable work hours toward the completion of a project. Fortunately, the newly emerging COSMECA memory and communications architecture has the potential to resolve this issue.

COSMECA is an automated application-specific co-synthesis methodology for memory and communications architecture. COSMECA allows developers to create memory architecture that works seamlessly with the communication architecture. With this effective compatibility, memory directs data efficiently. The communication architecture is designed with the highest level of integrity possible. High-quality results are well within reach with this advanced methodology.

It is possible to boost the efficiency of a team and increase the quality of a final product with the benefits of this cutting-edge approach. Now, there is no need to allow historical precedent to direct the future of a company. In-depth familiarity with COSMECA opens up a world of possibilities.